Whether you’re going to the chapel, up on a rooftop, inside City Hall or into the Capital  to say “I do,” you need some wedding wheels to get you there on time.

Wedding transportation is something many couples keep on the back burner until the last minute, figuring that transportation logistics aren’t a big deal. But, how you get there matters. Especially if you’ve got bridesmaids,  groomsmen, and out-of-towners coming to your ceremony.

The last thing you need is the headache of late arrivals and flustered guests because they got lost on their way to the venue. Lateness can really mess up your wedding timeline. You want your nuptials to go smoothly. Booking transport is a step towards ensuring that.

If you’ve not organized Limo , cars or buses for you and your guests, here’s our quick guide on getting your wedding day transportation sorted.

Book Ahead

Booking transport means you need a rough idea of guest numbers. We suggest reaching out to companies about three months before the wedding with your estimated guest count. The transport vendor can then tell you what vehicle options they have available for the number of people you need to move, on the date you need it. From this, they can also work out a quote.

Cost of Renting a Wedding Limo in 2022

The cost of hiring a limousine varies depending on the day or season of your wedding, and prices differ from city to city. Generally speaking, it can cost between $85 – $150 per hour in Washington DC Metro area to rent a limo. For a wedding shuttle-bus package, the price tag is around $150 – $300 per hour.

Wheels For Any Budget

The transport you need will reflect the style of wedding you’re having. For example, if it’s just the two of you eloping, then transportation is simple. You can drive yourselves, hire a chauffeured vehicle, or  choose a snazzy rental vehicle through a convenient site .

If money’s no object, then maybe your heart is set on a vintage Aston Martin or a smooth, white Bentley to get you to the chapel on time.Either way, frills to no-frills, there’s a budget you can work with.

Shuttle Guests There and Back

You don’t have to pay for transport for your guests, but organizing wedding guest transportation is a thoughtful gesture. Plus, it keeps your nuptials running on time. The last thing you want is Uncle Bob getting lost on the way to the ceremony. Or your cousin Jane missing half of the reception because she went to the wrong venue.

Numbers are important when arranging guest transport. You need a vehicle (or vehicles) with enough seats for everyone. Getting this information can be as simple as adding a check box to your wedding RSVPs so people can let you know if they’d like to take you up on your offer or not.

Alternatively, you can say transport is being arranged by you, so anyone who confirms they’re coming is automatically counted in on the transport plans.

Once you have guest transport booked in, remember to tell your guests about the pickup location and time.

Prepare For Every Eventuality

The horror of a vehicle breakdown. The nightmare of Belway  jams. The dread of a no-show driver.

None of these transport-related scenarios is pleasant to think about, but they can and do happen. This is why it’s always wise to ask your transport vendor about their backup plan. What will they do for you if something goes wrong? How will they help you manage and fix it so you’re wedding day can continue as planned?

A couple of extra questions you should consider checking with your transport vendor are:

  • Are the chauffeurs professionally hired and then trained?
  • Will the vehicles have their own GPS system?
  • What is the maximum capacity for each vehicle?


Whether you’re still a year out or only a few months away, don’t leave planning your wedding transportation to the last minute. Start making decisions on whether you plan to put transport on for your guests or not. Weigh up the pros and cons of asking people to make their own way, versus you managing it all. It’s never to early to start making a shortlist of local car and bus vendors that you can contact.

Make your dream of an unforgettable wedding in Washington DC a reality — without the stress of coordinating it yourself.