Vehicle Overview

Our 24 passenger Shuttle Bus provides comfortable seating for a smooth ride. This vehicle is perfect for transporting groups to weddings, DC tours, or wine tours, or group trips out of town.

Passengers: 24 Phone Charger: Yes Fully Insured: Yes
Interior: Gray On Board Drinks: Non Smoking: No
DVD Player: No On Board Snacks: Non Surround Sound: Yes
On Board Wifi: Upon Request Bag Capacity: 0 LCD Screens: No
  • Dinner reservations
  • Private jet catering and food delivery
  • Personalized amenities
  • VIP, table, and bottle service reservations
    • AM-FM Radio with Single Disc CD and DVD in console
    • Under Seat Storage Drawer
    • 8 can Storage behind 3 seat 4 per window
    • Rear Overhead vanity mirrors
    • Tissue & Trash Chute
    • 6 Assist Straps – 2 Coat Hooks
    • 1-Turbo Air High output A/C / Heat evaporator system under rear facing seats
    • 1-Turbo Air High output A/C evaporator system Under left side L seat at rear door with return port
    • 1- Heavy Duty Condenser, 16″ HD Pusher Fan and Drier / Filter for Max AC Efficiency
    • Two Tone 3″(8 cm) Seat side to side without extra console and two tone sides
    • Acrylex Door Inserts LTD Acrylex Console Top and Bottom
    • Insulation in Roof, Sides & Floor
    • Heavy Duty Commercial Carpet with jute backing
    • 6 Color Fiber Optic Diamond Headliner with custom mirror and pin dot stars
    • 6 Color Fiber Optic Bar edge Top and Bottom With Open Console
    • Large Insulated Stainless Steel Self Draining Ice Chest R/S Forward Console
    • Medium Insulated Stainless Steel Self Draining Ice Chest rear of consoles
    • 10 Rock Glasses 10 Flute Glasses
    • 2 Decanters & 1 Chateau’s
    • Rubber Backed Reversible Floor Mats
    • Full Vinyl Top with covered Pillars & OEM Rear Window
    • 4 Opera Lights per Pillar
    • Base Coat / Clear Coat Exterior Finish
    • Drink spill console
    • Limo Touch Power Distribution With Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Front Chauffeur Controls with Disable Feature
    • Emergency Reserve Starting Battery
    • Dual Battery System
    • Dual Alternators
    • 4 Lights over bar console
    • Ashtrays
    • 12v electric ports
    • Up Graded Front and Rear Springs
    • Computer Balanced Drive Line Assembly
    • Rust Inhibitor to Underbody