Why Women in Washington DC Metro Area Choose More Professional Chauffeur Services than Men

When it comes to ordering a professional chauffeur in Washington DC , it

may surprise you that the majority of customers are women and not men. Why is this the case? For one, more and more women travel for work to DC than ever before, making the need for a private chauffeur in Washington DC more common. However, there are a number of other reasons and they are listed below.


It’s Safer


EK Private Chauffeur Concierge services in Washington DC Metro area are safer for women to get around, especially women who are travelling by themselves. This is true on a number of fronts. For those women who don’t know Washington DC metro area  or are travelling to the city alone, having a professional chauffeur will keep them from going to dangerous neighborhoods or ending up in a car with a complete stranger. Ride sharing services are on rise these days and you really do not know with whom you will be sharing the ride, so it is always better to avoid them. This is an added bit of protection that men usually don’t need in Los Angeles and it’s more than worth the money.


 It’s More Fun


Having a personal driver will allow female clients to see Washington DC  in a more relaxing way, rather than stressing out about traffic or directions. It allows a group of women to pile into the back of a private car and make a night of it, enjoying an evening with their girlfriends while EK Private Chauffeur Concierge drives them around and worries about the road. As the classic song goes, girls just want to have fun and the first way to do this in LA when going out on the town is to have someone else do the driving.


It Feels Famous


Having a personal chauffeur in Washington DC  makes you feel like a movie star when you are driving around, assuming you’re not famous for something already. Women seem to like this more than men, which may be another reason why they hire professional chauffeurs in Washington DC more than their male counterparts. It’s ideal for showing up at the customer meetings or even spending the evening at new restaurant. It also allows you to stay fresh and get ready all the way up until the moment you arrive, rather than driving yourself after getting ready at home.


Ladies who are travelling to Washington DC on business or just want great, helpful and safe drivers for the evening should be sure to give EK Private Chauffeur Concierge  a call