Your Car. Our Driver Rates As Low As $45/hr

Chauffeur Service

A chauffeur service should be adaptive and dedicated to your comfort. It’s all encompassing, referring to personal driverpersonal chauffeurprivate driver or even a designated driver—EK Private Chauffeur Concierge  Drivers provides the right chauffeur to drive your vehicle while you work, entertain, or rest & relax in the back seat. We cover a wide range of needs, such as:

  • Entertainment Transport – avoid the last minute scramble to find a designated driver.
  • Increase Productivity– make calls, review notes & documents in route to your meetings.
  • Long Distance Commute– enjoy the sights, get some needed rest, or catch up on work.
  • Convenience – medical appointments & back safely if scheduled for outpatient care.
  • Vehicle Shipment– we will drive your car to any destination.
  • Senior Transport – a safe option for seniors with active lifestyles & difficulties driving
  • Make an impression– give clients a memorable experience with a chauffeur service.
  • Valet Service– add peace of mind to your private party. We’ll get your guests home safely!
  • Luxury– enjoy the spa, mall and sights all with timely, courteous curbside service.
  • Stress free Commute– what traffic?! relax & let your chauffeur service do the driving

Versatility is a key attribute which allows our chauffeur service to provide a combination of convenience, safety, style, flexibility and comfort at controlled costs. We strive to ensure our chauffeur service, adds a personal touch that our clients appreciate. Reservations typically require a 4hr minimum commitment and discounts to senior citizens, military members, persons with disabilities & various package options provide cost cutting benefits.

Chauffeur Service Provides Convenience

A Chauffeur Service should help solve mobility problems. Clients & vehicles can be transported from California to New York; accomplished while the clients relaxes and enjoys the scenery. Scheduling conflicts can be alleviated with a click or a call. As a viable solution to discomfort with flying; our chauffeur service provides an opportunity to work in a quiet environment, make or receive calls, or simply catch up on some rest without the usual disturbances experienced on most flights.

Chauffeur Service Provides Safety

A chauffeur  service should value your safety. It cannot be overstated, your safety is our primary focus. Our chauffeur service offers courteous designated drivers to get you to & from various parties, restaurants, bars, night clubs or other entertainment venues where alcohol may be consumed.  The cost is a fraction of what is at risk emotionally, physically or monetarily.

Chauffeur Service Displays Style

A chauffeur service should project style, efficiently navigating through traffic while providing curbside service – it makes a bold statement & may be used to demonstrate the polished sophistication that can often help close a big deal. There’s no need to employ a full time driver if you only require his or her service part time, just reserve our chauffeur service whenever the need arises. We can provide chauffeurs full time as well; while relieving you of administrative burdens such as background checks, payroll & associated taxes.

Qualifying Our Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are professionals who are fully screened prior to obtaining employment, which includes:

  • Criminal background check
  • Pre-employment & random drug tests
  • Driving record check
  • Defensive driving course
  • Performance evaluation of a driving test complete with scenarios
  • Verification of financial responsibility

Our sharply attired chauffeurs are not contracted; they are employees of our company and are available for your convenience 24 hours daily. All employees must sign a non-disclosure (confidentiality) agreement prior to obtaining employment, because we value your privacy & believe your information should be handled with discretion.

One of our most popular service and how My Private Driver started the company. Think of it as having a Personal Concierge, Personal Chauffeur and Assistant all wrapped into one! With our Personal Chauffeur service you receive the following:

  • Courteous, Professional, Trained, Private Chauffeur
  • Mature Average Age of staff 38
  • Errand Service
  • Personal Concierge-Assistance Services
  • Uniformed Driver

For Work.

  • Road Show
  • Attorney
  • Smart
  • Realtors
  • Student transportation
  • Senior Citizens who simply need a driver
  • TV Production crew drivers
  • Medical Chauffeur

For Play..

  • A night out
  • Responsible drinking
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Galas
  • Designated Driver
  • Weddings

Why Use a Personal Chauffeur?

  • Your car Your MUSIC!
  • Saves you Money
  • Less ostentatious than a limo
  • Safe and smart
  • Convenient
  • Courteous, Professional, Trained, Private Chauffeur
  • Mature Average Age of staff 38
  • Errand Service
  • Personal Concierge-Assistance Services
  • Uniformed Driver
Service Item Requirement Rate Description
Chauffeur 4-hr Minimum $45/hr Your car, Our driver
Chauffeur – Promo 4hr Minimum I.D. Req’d $40/hr Military/Senior/Disability Discount

Chauffeur Packages (your car, our driver)

Service Item Requirement Rate Description
Safe Ride Card 40hr+ purchase $42/hr $1680 (Save $144)
Silver Package 100hr+ purchase $39/hr $3900(Save $720)
Gold Package 150hr+ purchase* $36/hr *Call for details
Platinum Package Custom purchase* $33/hr *Call for details