At EK Private Chauffeur Concierge, we are dedicated to making your life easier and believe that a life of effortless luxury starts at home. From enriching our clients’ lives to creating once-in-a-lifetime US experiences, we are a luxury lifestyle management company where service is elevated to an art form. Our philosophy is built on the simple belief that every moment of life should be enjoyed rather than endured and we will go above and beyond to achieve this.This will always be at the core of what we do and we believe that there’s beauty in this kind of simplicity. 




We believe that no two holidays should be created the same. We help our clients create unique tailormade experiences around the world, with exclusive access to the finest hotels, luxury villas and retreats. With a network of local contacts, we stay up to date on the top sights to see and handle all the logistics so you can focus on what a holiday should be about… relaxing. From business travel to luxury holidays overseas, we’ll take all the leg work and guess work out of travel planning.


We appreciate that your personal brand image is one of your most important assets, so we are here to assist you to maximise your unique sense of style, working with the most sophisticated personal brand consultants, personal shoppers and tailors.  We are also able to track down haute couture and jewelry to match your style of gifts. Our global network of partnerships with market leaders worldwide and our extensive database of renowned contacts enables us to act upon requests and satisfy our client’s expectations.


We were once approached by a few families to organize a unique journey across continents, including Montreal and Toronto . The preparation took more than a year! We had to arrange trial visits with guides, route mapping and transfer of special equipment by transport aircraft, as well as test passes along the routes. As you can see, we have extensive experience in planning out-of-the-ordinary trips that would suit the more adventurous travellers out there. Get in touch today to find out more


Taking our experience to the skies and the seas, EK Private Chauffeur concierges create exclusive personally tailored travel itineraries by private jet, yacht or heritage ocean vessel, all available for individual charter. Catering for both short and long-haul trips as well as multi-destination itineraries, our private jet is ideal for group, family and corporate travel. Our private jet service allows you to travel with complete ease and comfort, saves you time, allows you independence in your schedule and offers total privacy.

 Luxury Car Rentals DC

Let’s face it. Cars are cool. And some of the coolest cars are Italian cars. Ekauvergne luxury Rental Car  is the exotic car rental company that you need to call when looking for a sports car or other luxury vehicles. We have the best prices, but who can really put a price on the ability to turn heads? A simple test drive will have you sold, so let’s find you the perfect car!


Let us help you throw the ultimate action birthday party that everyone will be talking about for weeks to come!

EKGAMETIME will take you where no party has gone before. We plan the activities and provide state-of-the-art technology. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let us entertain your guests. With a range of activities from mobile laser tag, Archery tag, Water tag, and Foam Party to Gelly ball, we have something to please everyone. If you’re looking to make your next celebration or event a smash hit, do it with EKGAMETIME



“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury.”    Coco Chanel

We are a luxury concierge service that believes in the power of a life without limits. We open doors to the rare and exceptional, while expertly managing the day-to-day details, so our members enjoy unlimited freedom to do what they love. Our luxury lifestyle concierge services is run by a network of trusted suppliers, whose aim is to give you ultimate peace of mind based on a wealth of experience. Our network of connections is unsurpassed and our service is individually tailored: each and every client receives thoughtful and personalised attention. Contact our dedicated team to find out more about how our luxury travel agency can help you realise your wishes and fulfil them.