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My name is Emmanuel Kontchou, and I am the President and Founder of EK Private Chauffeur Concierge . I was inspired to create this business after nights of going out with my college friends on campus. I was the one my friends called upon when they needed a ride. As I was not a part of the drinking and partying scene on campus, I was frequently available to act as a “designated driver”. I found that I thoroughly enjoyed chauffeuring friends around and providing them with safe transportation. I was determined to turn this gratifying service into a business. In 2013, I made my dream a reality and launched EK Private Chauffeur Concierge in Frederick, Maryland.

In today’s world, local limousine and taxi services and web-based companies like Uber and Lyft are focused on making fast money. EK Private Chauffeur Concierge , however, bring you back to a time where safety, understanding, loyalty, and trust were the key components of a business relationship.

My passion is delighting every client, especially the most discerning. With my unique insights into the Washington, DC Metro area and New York, and my impressive “little black book”, I have made it happen for some of the world’s most influential business leaders and CEOs, presidents and politicians, prominent royalty, fashion icons, and professional athletes. EK Private Chauffeur was created to provide the highest level of Chauffeur and Private Chauffeur services as a premier facilitator of corporate businesses and domestic or international travelers. Our mission is to provide a world-class travel service with luxury, privacy, and personalization in mind.

As a father and businessman, I understand all the stress that comes along with the daily grind of work and family life. My goal is to alleviate my clients’ stress by tackling some of the problems that compound their stress, such as limited parking spaces or traffic jams. Not only do I handle all of the stress of driving; I also act as a personal concierge to further assist my clients. Concierge services are included as part of the EK Private Chauffeur experience. Luxury concierge services are also available as a stand-alone service.

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I have used Emmanuel and his company for several years both individually and for my law firm.  He and his colleagues give you the personal attention and service that is sometimes missing from the larger transportation companies.  I highly recommend him for all your transportation needs.
Managing Partner Berenzweig Leonard, LLP
My name is Seth Berenzweig.  I am the Founding and Managing Partner of Berenzweig Leonard, LLP, a business law firm that is located in the DC region. I am also the CEO of BL Sports & Media Group, an affiliate of the firm.  It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Emmanuel Kontchou, and his company EK Private Chauffuer Concierge LLC.   I have known Emmanuel and his company for several years.  His service is outstanding, and he is completely reliable and ethical.  I have retained his services on several occasions, on both the business side and personal side, and have been consistently pleased with his consistent level of excellence.  I also trust my clients with him.  He is a trusted business colleague, and I highly recommend him and his company to provide premium blue chip transportation services
Seth Berenzweig
CEO of BL Sports & Media Group
I have known and worked with Emmanuel and his company for over 4 years now.  I first reached out to him when I had acquired a company and needed to meet all my new clients.  The big question was how to do that and still keep a focus on all my work to keep our level of service high.  With Emmanuel's private chauffeur service, I was able to regain 8-10 hours per week of active work-time. Emmanuel assigned me one of his top drivers, and their service was excellent.  Attention to detail, like knowing where you are going, or setting up chargers and a laptop stand for me, was just perfect -- and frankly, that is the ultimate difference between having your own service and trying to use a ride-share, where the quality of the driver and the vehicle is unknown.  I will never forget the day that they had a box of tissues and a latte with two splenda waiting for me in the car because I was trying to get over a cold. I have used Emmanuel and his services for both business and personal travel.  He and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Sincerely,
CEO Of OptimalNetworks

Our Concierge Service

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury.” Coco Chanel

We are a luxury concierge service that believes in the power of a life without limits. We open doors to the rare and exceptional, while expertly managing the day-to-day details, so our members enjoy unlimited freedom to do what they love. Our luxury lifestyle concierge services is run by a network of trusted suppliers, whose aim is to give you ultimate peace of mind based on a wealth of experience. Our network of connections is unsurpassed and our service is individually tailored: each and every client receives thoughtful and personalised attention. Contact our dedicated team to find out more about how our luxury travel agency can help you realise your wishes and fulfil them

Frequently Asked Questions

List of answers
1- How much does it cost to hire a professional chauffeur to drive me?

The hourly rate is dependent on your type of vehicle (e.g. Sedan, SUV, High-End Luxury Automobile, Passenger Van, Limousine, etc). Please call us to discuss 301-686-8466 or send us an email at [email protected]

2- What are some reasons to use your service?

Going to a doctor’s appointment, having outpatient surgery that requires you to bring a driver along to drive you home afterwards, out of town day trips, luncheons, dinners, theater, concerts, airport transfers, drive your children to and from school and after school activities, multiple meetings around town, ideal for Realtors showing homes and buyers looking at homes, drive your elderly parents when needed, pick up visiting friends and relatives from the airport, shopping, Designated Drivers for your party guests, taking your car in for servicing to your preferred dealer or repair shop, or just because you do not feel like driving!

3- Do you have vehicles for rent?

Yes , please call 301-666-2974

or email [email protected]

4- Do your private chauffeurs dress professionally?

All of our private chauffeurs arrive well groomed in a polished suit and tie. These are executive chauffeurs who dress like business professionals.

5- What makes your professional chauffeur service different?

Our private chauffeurs are reliable, very personable, helpful, knowledgeable, attentive, safe, and caring professional chauffeurs. They are always there for you during your outing. They have verified private chauffeur experience and extend all chauffeur protocols. Our chauffeurs will tend to your driving needs so you can sit back and relax in the comfort and convenience of your car with our private driver at the wheel.

6-Do you offer private chauffeur placements?

If you wish to employ one of our private chauffeurs directly please call our office for conversion fees and details. 301-686-8466

7- Will I always receive the same private chauffeur?

We try our best to introduce you to a few personal chauffeurs during your first few outings. We are always happy to hear that you enjoy a specific private chauffeur; however, if you enjoy him chances are someone else does too! If you want to make a reservation with a specific chauffeur be sure to book well in advance.

8- How will I identify my personal chauffeur?

The day before your reservation we will email you the chauffeurs name and contact info, so you know ahead of time who will be arriving at your home or office.

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As President and founder, it is most important to me that every client is treated the way I want to be treated. Offering a 100% money back guarantee is the way I want to be treated. Customer service and attention to detail make the difference. You can trust in me that every person representing my brand understands and abides by my high standards. Thank you to all of my current clients. We look forward to impressing you

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