A Private Chauffeur service should be adaptive and dedicated to your comfort. It’s all encompassing, referring to personal driver maryland , personal chauffeur Marylandprivate driver Washington DC  or even a designated driver Maryland —EK Private Chauffeur Concierge Washington DC  Drivers provides the right chauffeur to drive your vehicle while you work, entertain, or rest & relax in the back seat. We cover a wide range of needs, such as:

  • Entertainment Transport – avoid the last minute scramble to find a designated driver.
  • Increase Productivity– make calls, review notes & documents in route to your meetings.
  • Long Distance Commute– enjoy the sights, get some needed rest, or catch up on work.
  • Convenience – medical appointments & back safely if scheduled for outpatient care.
  • Vehicle Shipment– we will drive your car to any destination.
  • Senior Transport – a safe option for seniors with active lifestyles & difficulties driving
  • Make an impression– give clients a memorable experience with a chauffeur service.
  • Valet Service– add peace of mind to your private party. We’ll get your guests home safely!
  • Luxury– enjoy the spa, mall and sights all with timely, courteous curbside service.
  • Stress free Commute– what traffic?! relax & let your chauffeur service do the driving

Versatility is a key attribute which allows our Private Chauffeur service in Washington to provide a combination of convenience, safety, style, flexibility and comfort at controlled costs. We strive to ensure our Private chauffeur service, adds a personal touch that our clients appreciate. Reservations typically require a 4hr minimum commitment and discounts to senior citizens, military members, persons with disabilities & various package options provide cost cutting

Private Chauffeur In Washington Provides Convenience

A Private Chauffeur Service in Washington DC  should help solve mobility problems. Clients & vehicles can be transported from Washoington to New York; accomplished while the clients relaxes and enjoys the scenery. Scheduling conflicts can be alleviated with a click or a call. As a viable solution to discomfort with flying; our Private chauffeur service in Washington  provides an opportunity to work in a quiet environment, make or receive calls, or simply catch up on some rest without the usual disturbances experienced on most flights.

Chauffeur Service Maryland Provides Safety

A Private chauffeur  service in Washington  should value your safety. It cannot be overstated, your safety is our primary focus. Our chauffeur service offers courteous designated drivers to get you to & from various parties, restaurants, bars, night clubs or other entertainment venues where alcohol may be consumed.  The cost is a fraction of what is at risk emotionally, physically or monetarily.

Clients safety is high priority

Whether driving to the airport or a business meeting, our Private Chauffeur in Washington will get you there safely. All personal drivers are required to complete professional training covering driving abilities as well as customer services. Your safety and security is highly important to us. We take many precautions to ensure all client information is never compromised and handle it delicately while working with with you as your private chauffeur Maryland .

A Private chauffeur service in Washington DC  should project style, efficiently navigating through traffic while providing curbside service – it makes a bold statement & may be used to demonstrate the polished sophistication that can often help close a big deal. There’s no need to employ a full time driver if you only require his or her service part time, just reserve our Private chauffeur service whenever the need arises. We can provide Private chauffeurs full time as well; while relieving you of administrative burdens such as background checks, payroll & associated taxes.

For Work.

  • Road Show
  • Attorney
  • Smart
  • Realtors
  • Student transportation
  • Senior Citizens who simply need a driver
  • TV Production crew drivers
  • Medical Chauffeur

For Play..

  • A night out
  • Responsible drinking
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Galas
  • Designated Driver
  • Weddings

Why Use a Personal Chauffeur?

  • Your car Your MUSIC!
  • Saves you Money
  • Less ostentatious than a limo
  • Safe and smart
  • Convenient
  • Courteous, Professional, Trained, Private Chauffeur
  • Mature Average Age of staff 38
  • Errand Service
  • Personal Concierge-Assistance Services

We provide a streamlined and stress free experience

Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll be allocated a professional driver within our company either on a part time or monthly basis to drive you around Washington DC area and Maryland . Your Private chauffeur Washington will either drive in your car or one of our luxury cars. You may be required to complete a preference sheet ahead of your booking commencing. This enables your Private Chauffeur Washington DC  to get to know you better so that they can provide top-class service and get their job done.


Attention to detail is everything

Regardless of the duration of your booking, in addition to your preference sheet, your Private Chauffeur Washington will spend the necessary time getting to know your habits such as the temperature you would like the car at, the route you prefer or the coffee that you would like in the morning. By taking those few extra minutes, we can show our clients our staff take their duties seriously and will always maintain a professional and friendly service.


We go the extra mile for our clients

Our Private Chauffeur in Maryland  duties are not just limited to driving you to and from one location in Washington DC  to the next. On arrangement, your allocated our Private Chauffeur can assist with running errands around Washington DC metro area  for you to save you time. Having added services brings convenience as well as a unique experience for clients. Please email through your request and we can let you know what is possible.