Cadillac XTS Overview

An achievement in comfort and confidence, the Cadillac XTS Sedan is crafted to exceed your every expectation. With an assertive engine, confident handling and a spacious and comfortable cabin, every drive in the XTS is truly a refined experience.

Chiseled beauty, everywhere you look. With sleek lines, sculpted surface and powerful stance, the XTS is an undeniably striking presence.

Take comfort in a heritage of craftsmanship. The XTS interior is the latest in modern amenities. The spacious cabin features clean lines, exquisite materials and an unmatched attention to detail. For truly remarkable comfort, step inside.


Service Offered In This Vehicle

  • Comfortable leather seating
  • Large leg space
  • Comfortable air suspentions
  • Spacious luggage compartment
  • Tinted privacy glass
    • Dinner reservations
    • Private jet catering and food delivery
    • Personalized amenities
    • VIP, table, and bottle service reservations

Cadillac XTS

$ 75 hour
$ 750 day